YGDP Tool (CPB Flash Tool) Download (All Versions)

YGDP Tool or CPB Flash Tool is the best and most recommended tool for flash stock firmware on smartphones and tablets. Below you will find all the latest versions of YGDP Flash Tool from where you can download for free.

    What is YGDP Flash Tool

    YGDP Flash Tool is a small software for windows computers. This is a flash tool and it permits you to flash CPB format stock firmware on your device and ygdp tool  is the most useful tool for flashing firmware files (fastboot files) in all  smartphones and tablets. 

    With the help of this, you can use the latest OS in your YGDP devices and install it very easily in your phone.

    YGDP Flash Tool Features

    Flash Firmware:

    It allows you to flash the stock firmware on almost any YGDP Zenfone Smartphone and tablets. Please install the Application on your Computer and Launch it > Connect the device to the computer > Select the Firmware you want to flash or install, and you are done.

    Backup Apps:

    It allows you to take a backup of the user-installed apps from the device and save it on the computer. But it doesn’t allow you to backup the App data, which is used to restore the app settings and points.

    Backup System Apps:

    It allows you to backup the pre-installed (system) apps from the YGDP Smartphone and tablet to the computer. The backup will be saved in .ab format on the computer, which can be restored anytime.

    Restore Backup:

    It also allows you to restore the backup you have made, including the Custom Apps Backup and Pre-Installed (system) Apps from the computer.

    1) Supports All Android Devices: You can use this tool to flash the firmware on all Android smartphones and tablets provided that the firmware file comes with a .cpb file extension.

    2) Compatible With All Windows Versions: YGDP flash tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system, i.e., you can install and use this tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

    3) Supports Flashing PreResource File: If you have a PreResouce image file (.img) of your device, you can use this tool to flash it on your smartphone or tablet.

    4) Configure Control Features: If you have a Qualcomm based smartphone or tablet, then you can use YGDP Tool to check fuse info, check device name, check eMMC CID and check instruments info.

    Installation Guidelines for YGDP Flash Tool

    1. After downloading the file on your computer from the above link, extract the zip file using WinRAR or 7zip.
    2. Now, open the extracted folder and double-click on the (.exe) file.
    3. Click on the Yes button to allow the installation process as a user account control on Windows.
    4. YGDP flash tool  installation wizard will open.
    5. Then click on the Next button in the driver installation window.
    6. Next, choose your preferred Region and Language > Click on the Next button.
    7. Leave the default installation location on your PC and click on the Install button. [You can also change the install location if you want].
    8. Finally, the installation process will start and wait for it to complete.
    9. Once the YGDP flash tool  has been installed on your PC, click on the Finish button.
    10. Reboot your computer and you’re done.

    How to use YGDP Flash Tool to Flash Stock firmware?

    YGDP Flash Tool is simple to use the tool, it can easily and rapidly perform the assigned job. Follow the steps below to use YGDP Flash Tool: 

    1. Install ADB Usb Driver on your computer

    2. Install YGDP Tool on your computer 

    3. Open the installed YGDP Tool application and enter the code "369" / if the customer appears, enter the code "9527" then click login 

    4. After Login, select the Config button on the top left side

    5. Then select the CBP Firmware that you have downloaded according to the type

    6. After entering the firmware file , click the Apply button

    7. Next, Turn Off android and, press and hold Volume up and connect the cable to the computer   with usb or with the Power + Volume up button combination to start

    8. Next, Select the Start button in the top left corner

    9. Wait for the flashing process to run until it says Upgrade Successful

    After the Flashing Update above is complete, your android smartphone will reboot back to factory settings with the new firmware . the first time restarting was a bit long . please be patient. always remember DWYOR

    YGDP Flash Tool Download - Direct Links

















     YGDP_Tool_V4.06.zip (portable)


    YGDP_Tool_V5.00.zip (portable) – Latest 


    Points To Remember

    1) Coolpad officially provides the YGDP Flash Tool. So, if you encounter any issues while installing or using this tool, contact their support team.

    2) The default password for accessing YGDP Flash tool is 9527 or 369.

    3) You can use this tool to flash .cpb stock firmware file on your Android smartphone or tablet.

    4) YGDP Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.

    5) If you face any errors while using this tool to flash the firmware on your device, drop a comment below.