VIVO ADB Format Tool Download - Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool

Vivo Adb Format Tool is a software that lets you unlock frp in any vivo device that you can use on a Windows computer. Below you will find all the latest versions of Adb Format Tool from where you can download for free.

    VIVO ADB Format Tool Download

    What is Vivo Adb Format Tool?

    Vivo Adb Format Tool is a software that you must have to reset data from various Vivo Device.

    Especially for those of you who are technicians, you really need this software to solve operating system problems on your Device.

    ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a command line that functions to connect a smartphone device to a computer.

    Now, after the smartphone has been connected to the computer, later users can carry out various special commands to the smartphone via a computer device.

    So the Vivo Adb Format Tool software will be very useful for you to fix error cases on your Device without doing a hard reset.

    Vivo Adb Format Tool itself has several functions to perform various Device repair commands as follows:

    Perform the reset process on the Device

    Give the command to reboot the phone via PC

    Unlock FRP lock or unlock protection on Vivo phones (forgot pattern)

    Overcoming an android system that is running slowly or slowly.

    What is FRP?

    FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection which functions to protect Android smartphones from factory resetting.

    This feature will be very useful when your smartphone is lost. Because no one can format the device or restore to factory settings without the FRP key username and password.

    So someone else does a factory reset without permission, your smartphone will automatically ask for the Google account username and password that was previously used to unlock the device.

    In other words, FRP Lock will protect your data and device if it falls into the hands of other people who have bad intentions.

    However, there are users who forget about the log in details to unlock their device.

    This software only works on Vivo smartphones that use MediaTek processors.

    Vivo Adb Format Tool Features

    Easy-to-use free software for Vivo smartphones.

    Can remove FRP lock or other protection pattern lock on Vivo devices.

    Can be installed on a PC / laptop with a Windows operating system.

    Check communication between PC and smartphone.

    Can remove password / pin / pattern lock from Vivo smartphones.

    Able to get all the information related to the smartphone.

    User Interfare is very simple.

    Only support for Vivo smartphones with MediaTek chipsets.

    How to Use Vivo Adb Format Tool

    1. Install Driver Adb Installer .

    2. Turn off the HP VIVO first, which will be flashed.

    3. After dying, please enter fastboot mode by pressing the Power + volume down + volume up buttons simultaneously.

    4. Then select Recovery mode .

    5. Then your Vivo HP will restart, just wait until it enters Recovery mode.

    6. After successfully entering Recovery mode, please select the Advanced options.

    7. Then select the Reboot with adb menu and the Vivo Device will restart.

    8. After the Device enters the home screen, please connect the Vivo HP to the computer using a Usb cable.

    9. Then open and run the VIVO Adb Format Tool .

    10. Then open the Device Manager on the computer to see the Ports (COM & LPT) section .

    11. For example, the Vivo HP that I use is detected as COM74.

    12. Then enter the COM number into the Vivo Adb Format Tool.

    13. Because my Device is detected as COM60, the number I will enter is 74.

    14. Then click the btn2 button .

    15. Wait until a Finish notification appears.

    16. After the Finish notification appears, please click Ok.

    17. Then wait until the Vivo HP restarts automatically and the data wipe process is complete.

    18. After the Wipe data process is complete, the Vivo HP will restart and turn on again to the Vivo logo.

    19. Please wait again until the loading process is complete and enter the home screen.

    20. If the message Welcome appears on the screen, it means that the flashing process using the VIVO Adb Format Tool has been completed and successful.

    21. Please reset the settings for your Vivo HP, by selecting language, location, entering email and others.

    Tools and Files Needed:

    PC or laptop with Windows OS

    USB cable

    Vivo phone with at least 50% battery

    Vivo ADB Format Tool Software

    Installation Guidelines for Vivo Adb Format Tool

    1. After downloading the file on your computer from the above link, extract the zip file using WinRAR or 7zip.

    2. Now, open the extracted folder and double-click on the (.exe) file.

    3. Click on the Yes button to allow the installation process as a user account control on Windows.

    4. Vivo Adb Format Tool installation wizard will open.

    5. Then click on the Next button in the driver installation window.

    6. Next, choose your preferred Region and Language > Click on the Next button.

    7. Leave the default installation location on your PC and click on the Install button. [You can also change the install location if you want].

    8. Finally, the installation process will start and wait for it to complete.

    9. Once the Vivo Adb Format Tool has been installed on your PC, click on the Finish button.

    10. Reboot your computer and you’re done.

    Vivo Adb Format Tool Download Link


    USB Driver 

    Vivo USB Driver 




    30 MB 

     OS SUpport

    Vista/ Win 7/ XP/ Win 8/ Win 10(32bit /64bit)