How to Flash Asus Z00RD Raw via Fastboot Mode (100% Working)

The easiest way to deal with a bootloop asus z00rd  android is by flash. Because this way to flash the Asus z00rd  Prada will replace the damaged system files that cause bootloop with fresh new files. By using the stock rom firmware Asus z00rd  Prada will be like new when buying. What you need to remember for this flashing is that data stored in the internal memory will be deleted and lost. So please first backup important data to external memory or directly to a PC for safekeeping.

How to Flash Asus Z00RD Raw via Fastboot Mode

Okay here I will explain the flashing process step by step. This step is quite easy, because all the equipment has been provided by asus itself. Remember, if you can still backup, then do it.

If it is in a state of UNLOCK bootloader then the errors below can be resolved by Flash Asus z00rd  Prada via Fastboot.

  • Asus z00rd  Forgot Password
  • Asus z00rd  Stuck on Logo
  • Forgot Pattern
  • Asus z00rd  Bootloop
  • Softbrick
  • Touch screen is not sensitive
  • Slow / Hang
  • Have a malware virus
  • Unfortunately messages has stopped
  • Unfortunately the application has stopped
  • Often restarts itself
  • And other errors

Okay, let's just go to the tutorial on How to Flash Asus z00rd  via Fastboot.

    How to Check Bootloader Asus Z00rd via Developer Options

    For those who have updated to asus latest os, you can try the easiest method via Developer Options

    Enter Settings , About phone , tap the os  Version section as much as 7X .

    Go back to Settings , Additional settings , Developer options , os Unlock status .

    How to Check Bootloader Asus Z00rd via Fastboot

    1. Before flashing Asus z00rd , try to check first the bootloader is unlocked or not.

    2. Download and install Minimal ADB  - Google Drive.

    3. Turn off Asus z00rd .

    4. Turn it into fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power button .

    5. After the asus  logo appears, connect Asus z00rd  to the PC.

    6. Open the Minimal ADB application that has been installed.

    7. Type the command  fastboot oem device-info then enter.

    8. Then there will be a description like the following image:How to Flash Asus z00rd  (Prada) via Fastboot Mode 

    9. Information:

    • (bootloader) Device unlocked: true -> bootloader is UNLOCKED
    • (bootloader) Device unlocked: false -> bootloader is still LOCKED

    10. If you have Unlocked, the flashing process can run smoothly.

    Materials needed for flash Asus Z00rd

    1. Asus usb Driver - DOWNLOAD

    2. ADB fastboot Driver - DOWNLOAD

    3. Download Fastboot Firmware ROM for Asus z00rd - DOWNLOAD

    4. Original asus Data Cable

    5. PC / Laptop

    Especially for asus bootloop and  LOCKED Bootloader .

    *** For those who are already bootloop and can't unlock the bootloader, try entering via the  following  EDL Mode How to Unlock Bootloader asus Bootloop .

    How to Flash Asus Z00rd via Fastboot

    1. You first extract the materials that you have downloaded all of them, and save them on your Desktop.

    2. The first step you have to install first Usb Driver Adb Fastboot and Asus Intel Usb Driver continue.

    3. Take the Asus Z00RD Zenfone 2 Laser and try to turn it off, wait for a few minutes. You and you try to come back while pressing the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously and if it's vibrating you release the Power button and hold the Vulome button up then it will enter the Fastboot Mode menu with the reading menu

    4. If you have entered the Fastboot Mode menu !!! as in the picture above you take a USB / data cable that is still good, you try to connect it to the USB port of the computer / laptop.

    5. Then the Fastboot Usb Driver will be installed automatically, if it is read you can check it by opening the Device Manage / Computer Management menu then there will be various - ASUS Android Device - Asus Android Bootloader Interface, more or less clearly you can see in the picture below below.

    6. The next step is to open the Asus Z00RD Zenfone 2 Laser Firmware, select the flashall_erase_data_storage menu, then it will appear as below,

    7. Then you just have to wait for a few minutes, karan is doing Extract "WW_ZE500KG_V12.8.5.227_M3.6.42_Phone-user.raw Firmware File", you can pay attention to your computer / laptop hard drive led will be red.

    8. You just have to wait for a few minutes then the flashing process will run automatically, you just have to wait until the Flashing Process just reaches 100% as noted on the page below.